Perhaps more than ever, consumers have a variety of choices when looking for noise cancellation headphones. The market has been flooded with many choices in the last few years. Two of the most popular choices on the market are the Bose Quiet Comfort 35’s and the Sony wh1000xm3. It’s hard to go wrong with either of these choices. They both offer great comfort and sound. Their are a few differences that allow the consumer to make a choice based on their preference.

UT did a great video on the both headsets, we recommend just watching that. But below we will give a few of our own thoughts on both headphones

What do we think?

One feature that will not be a factor when choosing between these two headphones is price. Both the Quiet Comfort and the Sony wh1000xm3 are currently listed at $299.99. This price seems to be about right as compared to other headphones on the market. The Quiet Comfort 35 offers three colors which include black, silver and rose gold. The Sony headphones only come in two colors black and silver. The Bose Quiet Comfort also allows for custom coloring that will allow for more than fifty combinations of multiple colors. Regardless of which headphones you pick you will be able to listen to your headphones all day long. They both feature incredible battery life. The Quiet Comfort headphones come with a twenty hour batter life. The Sony wh1000’s come with a thirty hour battery life.


Both of these headphones hold nothing back when it comes to noise cancellation. Both the Quiet Comfort and the Sony wh1000 feature world class noise cancellation. Both are also compatible with Google Assistant. The Queit Comfort headset also works great with Alexa. One advantage the Sony wh1000 has is a feature called Quick Attention. This is an incredible feature that allows users to communicate without ever removing their headphones. Users simply need to place their hand over the housing of the headphones to reduce the volume. The user can then engage in instant conversation. When they are finished they simply remove their hand. This feature is unlike any other on the market.


While both of these headsets provide incredible sound, the Bose Quiet Comfort have a unique advantage. Bose has a history of producing products with the highest of quality in sound. Their headphones, stereos and other products have been making waves on the market for years. They have an incredible AR that has a first-of-its-kind audio augmented reality platform. This provides a great setting for traveling, exercising and participating in other activities. The Sony wh1000 is also known for it’s sound. This unique headset adjust to activities such as travel, walking or waiting. The headset by reducing background noise when necessary.


Both of these headphones have custom application that allow the user to connect their headphones to their devices. For the Bose Quiet Comfort users will use the Bose Connect App. This application allows you to connect to multiple devices through bluetooth. control the level of noise cancellation and work with the Bose AR platform. Sony users will use the Sony Headphones Connect App which has similar features.


It is really hard to go wrong with either of these headsets. Regardless of your choice the user will get a great noise cancellation product that is made with the highest of quality. If you want easy in turning off the noise cancellation, the Sony wh1000xm3 might be the product for you. If you like a little color variety combined with a historically great sound, the Quiet Comfort 35 might be the way to go. Regardless of which way you go, you will probably be listening to a lot of great music for many years to come. Click here to read a full comparison of the QC35 II vs. WH-1000XM3.