Why would guest blogging on another site so important to your own site’s SEO (search engine optimization) success? You may be surprised at how just doing this can help your own site rank higher.

Guest Posting Shows Authority

You know a lot about your subject, right? By sharing your information on other sites, it establishes you as an authority.

Google is creating a knowledge base of information. They rank those who are authorities higher. That means your site ranks higher.

The more you guest post, the more you establish yourself as an expert. Your name will be on those posts and the Google bots will be registering this and tallying those repeated


Guest posts are a great way to get quality backlinks. When you write a guest post for another publication, ask for a backlink. That link from their quality site to yours further shows Google that you are an authority.

How To Find Quality Sites

How do you find quality sites? A simple “top blogs” in your field will give you a quality list.

Look at social media of your competitor. Most social media will include posts from other authorities. Those sites are gold.

Imaginary Mentor

Check out others in your own field. Where are they guest posting? That should also give you a top 10 list of sites you want to contact.

It can be more than mentors. This can also include influencers or companies. Check out where they are posting.

This is two-fold. You know that these sites are open to guest bloggers. This helps when approaching these other sites.

The other is that they are likely looking for similar content. This is your opportunity to take a deep dive and shine.

How You Can Assure Guest Posting Success

Here are some tips to make sure that you are a successful guest blogger.

  • Always create original content
  • Check your document for spelling and grammatical errors
  • Be sure to include your own branding philosophy and tips
  • Gear your article to your audience

Beyond Links

Guest posting is more than getting links. This is establishing yourself as the expert in your field of work. Sometimes sites do not offer links. Still write the piece.

If you create insightful and informative work, readers will look for your other work and find your site.

Best of all, if you write original, quality content, Google will note this. They are looking for authorities and your name and your field together will soon rank higher on search engines.